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Jul 13 '12

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

I was fortunate to attend an advanced screening of this and I left the theater counting down the days until I could see it again. 

Nolan himself said that he would not do a 3rd film in the Batman series unless the script would match or beat the script used for the Dark Knight, and TDKR lives up to that premise.  Even Anne Hathaway (who, makes for an interesting catwoman) couldn’t taint the epic masterpiece that Nolan has created. Yeah, she is actually pretty cool in the film and I really did like her character. 

The Dark Knight Rises is by far the most emotional of the Batman trilogy.  The last 30 minutes take you on an a roller-coaster ride that builds into an epic catharsis in it’s conclusion. Both the villains and the good guys play complex, enticing roles and create memorable impressions that stick with you after the film finishes. 

The sound mixing had a few issues (too much bass in the dialogue, and Bane’s re-dub was awful), but the cinematography was stunningly beautiful and makes up for it.  If you see this film, don’t snub yourself, pay the extra money and see it in IMAX while you can.

The cast and characters are absolutely wonderful, (with 5 oscar winners and another 3 nominees how can it not be?) Tom Hardy and Michael Caine both give exceptionally strong performances.  The screenplay is one of the most clever and well-written things I have ever seen, and WOW - what an epic ending that really blew me out of the water…

Though the film does have a drastically different tone than its predecessor, The Dark Knight, it wraps up the trilogy in an effortless and satisfying way. 

If this film does not win best picture come Oscar season - then no comic book film ever will.  

Rating 10/10

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